June 29, 2022


Stay at our Jugend Boutique Hotel in nearby Jakobstad for a memorable overnight experience.


In the nearby picturesque seaside town of Jakobstad lies Jugend Boutique Hotel. This is a neatly crafted chapel and Jugend-style building turned into a high end and centrally located lifestyle hotel close to the high street of the city. Jugend Boutique Hotel is part of the Strandis Smokehouse Group and offer apart from hotel accommodation also unique musical experiences and live music events. The entertainment is operated in house by the non-profit organization Jugend Kultur rf - which connects the unique premises at Jugend with the cities pulsating cultural educational institutions.

The distance between Strandis Smokehouse and Jakobstad is only a mere 5-10 minute drive and we are happy to arrange transportation in any way of form you might need for yourself or your group. What a perfect day it would be, to enjoy the quirky and relaxed streets of the small seaside town of Jakobstad, dine at our Smokehouse Bistro & Grill, and stay at a original Boutique Hotel.

For booking enquiries and more information about current offering please visit Jugend Boutique Hotel.s website or direct your enquiry to us by e-mail to info@strandis.fi or by phone XXXX.

We and our colleagues at Jugend are looking forward to welcoming you to the region.