June 29, 2022

Winter Bath

Breath in. Breath out. Reinvigorating for body and soul. This is the Smokehouse Winter Bath.

Winter Bath

During the wintertime we offer all you hard headed, endurable and darn right tough people out there the possibility to experience a sensational feeling by taking a dip in the ice cold waters just outside our Smokehouse. The Sauna is hot and steaming during our opening hours and if you are a first timer you can always ask for guidance by our experienced staff about best practices and other important information regarding health and safety.

The winter bath season spans from 1.10. to 30.4. and the sauna is hot and cozy during our opening hours. Why not surprise a friend and challenge them to try something new and refreshing? The price for one session is 7,50 € but you can also purchase credits for multiple dates.

Prices and public opening hours season 2023-2024:

1 x 7,50€ (pensioner/student 6,00€, under 16 years 4,50€)
10 x 59€ (pensioner/student 49€)

Monday-Thursday 14-20.30 (Ladies only Tuesdays 14-16.30)
Friday 14-19
Saturday 11-18 (Ladies only 11-12)
Sunday closed

The winter bath sauna can be booked by private groups outside public hours.
Contact us if you feel tempted!